Computer and Science Industrial Engineering (COMASIE) 2022-01-24T07:05:31+00:00 - Open Journal Systems <p style="text-align: justify;">Comasie Journal is a scientific journal of the students of the Faculty of Engineering and Computer, Putera Batam University, which consists of three groups of Sciences namely information systems, informatics engineering and industrial engineering. The journal will be published six months in one year. This journal contains the scientific work of student research with the specific subjects: Networking, Artificial Intelligence, Image Processing, Expert Systems, Computer Systems, Soft Computing, Web Programming, Mobile Programming, Games Programming, Data Mining, Decision Support Systems, and Ergonomics , Product Design, Optimization, Quality, Industrial Management, and Science Management (AW)</p> ANALISIS PENYEBAB KERUSAKAN MESIN FUNCTION TESTER 9770 2022-01-22T09:35:23+00:00 afriansyah putra Elva Susanti <p><em>This research is shown to analyze the causes of malfunction tester machine at PT WIK Far East Batam. The population in this study is the function tester machine at PT WIK Batam. The technique of taking samples in this research is to use a purposive sampling technique. In this research technique, the machine as the object used as the sample is the function tester machine which has the most problems and has the longest downtime. The data analysis technique uses the failure mode and effect method, the data analysis technique uses FMEA, FTA, MTTF, and repair scheduling reliability, based on the FMEA results, Conveyor is the component that has the highest RPN value, followed by flowmeter, on the damage distribution, the Weibull distribution was chosen because has the highest fit index value, by calculating the MTTF, the results obtained for 11 days before the component is damaged, and through the Reliability calculation, shows the machine reliability value on the machine maintenance schedule of 0.39807</em></p> 2022-01-24T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Computer and Science Industrial Engineering (COMASIE) PERANCANGAN APLIKASI E-GALON BERBASIS ANDROID 2022-01-24T01:26:24+00:00 Piala Tampubolon Andi Maslan <p>abstract</p> 2022-01-24T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Computer and Science Industrial Engineering (COMASIE) SISTEM PENGERINGAN IKAN MENGGUNAKAN TENAGA SURYA BERBASIS ARDUINO 2022-01-24T01:28:14+00:00 Adeh Berydika Sunarsan Sitohang <p><strong>ABSTRACT</strong></p> <p><em>The drying method used by fishermen, especially fishermen in the islands, is still seen using simple technology where some places are not all covered by electricity so that fishermen still use weaving made of bamboo and with fish that have been split to dry quickly and does not cause bacteria. The fish dryer used still depends on weather conditions, which and it takes time to move the drying equipment and the area is quite large to take up a place of 10-20 meters.&nbsp; This drying method which cannot control the thermal conditions in the drying process will cause new bacteria to appear which affect the drying of fish and cannot be kept constant. So that will have an impact on the low quality of fish products produced. Therefore, it is necessary to seek other drying methods that can control bacteria. This study designed a drying system using arduino-based solar power that can control the variables that affect the drying of fish automatically. This tool is very suitable for fishermen to develop fish salting business because it uses solar power</em></p> 2022-01-24T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Computer and Science Industrial Engineering (COMASIE) GAME VISUAL NOVEL DENGAN METODE RAPID APPLICATION DEVELOPMENTENT (RAD) BERBASIS MOBILE LEARNING 2022-01-24T01:33:12+00:00 Faisal Faisal Nopriadi Nopriadi <p><em>Technology will change along with the times and affects all aspects, even in phrase of children there are more interested in interactive educational learning methods compared to conventional learning from books. in essence, kids easily interested when learning through media that visual by summarizing the game and learning knowledge. In educating children, the role of parents is very important, especially in this digital era. Less about study case seven wonder world in material make children's lack of knowledge of the outside world. This application makes by ren’py with the Python programming language and android smartphone base. The research method that is Rapid Application Development (RAD) technique with object-oriented approach and uses UML as a tool for media development. Library research methods and interview is data collecting method, design system is using Unified Modeling Language (UML). The result of research is application for introducing about seven wonder worlds. The result of this program research is more interested or attractive to children than textbooks. This application is expected to educate kids to know the wonders of the world with entertain and knowledge</em></p> 2022-01-24T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Computer and Science Industrial Engineering (COMASIE) PERANCANGAN SISTEM PERAMALAN CUACA BERBASIS LOGIKA FUZZY DI KOTA BATAM 2022-01-22T08:41:12+00:00 RIKKI LEONARDO NAPITUPULU Koko Handoko <p>Weather is also an important factor in supporting human activities, especially in Indonesia. Human activities that are highly dependent on weather conditions include flight activities, shipping, land travel, agriculture, companies that use the sun as a dryer for their production materials, daily activities (drying cloth). Every day, BMKG Indonesia as an institution engaged in Meteorology, Climatology, Air Quality and Geophysics is tasked with providing information on weather forecasts in Indonesia based on available data. However, at this time it is very difficult to predict the weather conditions because of rapidly changing climate conditions resulting in irregular season changes. Weather conditions are influenced by interrelated elements, namely temperature, humidity, air pressure and the intensity of sunlight. Erratic weather changes can only occur for a few hours and differ in various regions (Puspita, 2016). Fuzzy logic is a level of Boolean logic that deals with the concept of partial truth. Where fuzzy logic maps an input space into an output space by using IF- THEN rules. With the help of the application of Fuzzy logic, this research has the aim of processing the data obtained from temperature, air, and air pressure using Sugeno's fuzzy logic and testing accuracy using MATLAB.</p> 2022-01-24T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Computer and Science Industrial Engineering (COMASIE) SISTEM PAKAR MENDIAGNOSIS PENYAKIT PADA TANAMAN TERONG BERBASIS WEB 2022-01-24T07:05:31+00:00 Sopia Ardila Alfannisa Fajrin <p><strong><em>ABSTRACT</em></strong></p> <p><em>Eggplant is a plant that has the Latin Solanum melogena which grows in tropical areas. Eggplant plants contain minerals, calcium and others. easy to cultivate, but eggplant is a plant that is easily attacked by plant diseases. The source of the problem lies in the farmers who have difficulty dealing with damage to eggplant plants caused by plant diseases so that farmers often experience losses during the harvest season. This plant disease usually appears during the rainy season so that the farmers' crop failure rate is very high. To reduce the risk of plant disease, a farmer needs to take proper care of this plant to avoid disease attacks. But at this of a farmer in how to overcome disease attacks on eggplant plants in determining the right treatment for eggplant plants. This is what can cause losses for farmers if they are late in handling and cause crop failure or damage to plants due to disease. In this case, the role of agricultural experts or agricultural experts is needed to analyze diseases in eggplant plants.</em></p> 2022-01-24T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Computer and Science Industrial Engineering (COMASIE) PENERAPAN DATA MINING UNTUK MEMPREDIKSI PENJUALAN OBAT DI KLINIK HARAPAN KITA BATAM 2022-01-22T08:42:08+00:00 Mangaratua Hutahaean Koko Handoko <p>Clinics are places or facilities for providing information on drugs and other pharmaceutical supplies to the public. This resulted in uncertain results from sales at the clinic. Types of drugs that are increasingly varied, from drugs that are cheap to prices that if you look at it don't make sense but have very good functions, especially in the distribution of types of drugs. To overcome this problem, the classification of drugs that are sold or not sold at the clinic is based on the variables obtained using the Naive Bayes Agorithm which is able to provide information about the existing products in the clinic and minimize the stock that accumulates for the unsold category. The availability of a lot of data in an area of ​​need for information becomes a reference in making decisions to make business solutions. The desired information in this study is to obtain an accuracy value for the sales data for these drugs, which are often an option. This research uses Rapidminner tools as a medium for testing data to be processed to obtain an ROC (Rank Order Centroid) value of 80% accuracy based on the importance or priority of the criteria.</p> 2022-01-24T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Computer and Science Industrial Engineering (COMASIE)