Computer and Science Industrial Engineering (COMASIE) 2022-07-26T08:57:19+00:00 - Open Journal Systems <p style="text-align: justify;">Comasie Journal is a scientific journal of the students of the Faculty of Engineering and Computer, Putera Batam University, which consists of three groups of Sciences namely information systems, informatics engineering and industrial engineering. The journal will be published six months in one year. This journal contains the scientific work of student research with the specific subjects: Networking, Artificial Intelligence, Image Processing, Expert Systems, Computer Systems, Soft Computing, Web Programming, Mobile Programming, Games Programming, Data Mining, Decision Support Systems, and Ergonomics , Product Design, Optimization, Quality, Industrial Management, and Science Management (AW)</p> SISTEM INFORMASI PENGOLAHAN DATA NILAI SISWA BERBASIS WEB PADA SEKOLAH MENENGAH KEJURUAN (SMK) 2022-07-21T05:10:53+00:00 Mahardian Mahardian Mesri Silalahi <p><em>Perkembangan teknologi informasi cukup luas dan mendunia telah membawa dampak perubahan terhadap semua aspek kehidupan manusia, dalam bidang pendidikan teknologi informasi sangat diperlukan agar dapat mendukung kinerja penyelenggaraan pendidikan supaya dapat berguna membangun generasi yang cerdas dan berdaya saing, salah satunya di SMK Teladan Batam. Berdasarkan hasil observasi, SMK Teladan Batam belum memiliki sistem informasi dalam pengelohan data nilai siswa. Kendala yang sering ditemui dalam pengolahan data nilai siswa yang dilakukan dengan sistem lama sangatlah lambat, tidak efektif, dan mempersulit guru untuk melacak nilai siswa dan bahkan rentan terhadap hilangnya data rekapan nilai. Tujuan dari penelitian ini adalah untuk mengembangkan da membuat sistem informasi pengolahan data nilai siswa berbasis Web bagi SMK Teladan Batam agar mempermudah pengolahan data nilai siswa. Dalam membangun sistem informasi pengolahan data nilai siswa penulis memanfaatkan metode SDLC dengan model Waterfall dalam perancangan sistemnya dan menghasilkan sebuah sistem dengan interface yang sederhana serta dapat membantu memberikan informasi yang akurat dan terkini untuk pemrosesan data.</em></p> 2022-07-26T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Computer and Science Industrial Engineering (COMASIE) PERANCANGAN MITIGASI RESIKO HUMAN ERROR AKTIVITAS MAINTENANCE PADA PT BATAM AERO TECHNIC 2022-07-21T05:09:19+00:00 Hendri Setiawan Citra Asmarawati <p><em>Potential errors can be avoided by controlling actions when carrying out maintenance with the aim of controlling work being a continuous corrective action. The problem faced by the company is human negligence or human error in the maintenance painting process. The method used is FMEA (Failure Mode and Effect Analysis) by providing an assessment of risk and mitigation plans using QRA. (Quantitative Risk Analysis) covers all activities to identify hazardous events sequentially and the level of risk. The research was conducted on the process of repainting the aircraft body. The purpose of the study was to determine the negligence of technicians or human error in the process of repainting the aircraft body and the factors causing the problem. The results</em> <em>of the study describe that the frequency of failure of the Boeing 737-900 Series painting process with the type of reject dust is 31.25. The results of the FMEA analysis on the failure of the Boeing 737-900 Series painting process with factors caused by human error, namely lack of maintenance and cleaning of work equipment after use has an RPN value of 448.</em></p> 2022-07-26T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Computer and Science Industrial Engineering (COMASIE) RANCANG BANGUN ALAT PENDETEKSI KEBAKARAN UNTUK TUNARUNGU BERBASIS ARDUINO 2022-07-21T05:07:35+00:00 Suhaili Pastima Simanjuntak <p><em>Fire is a disaster that causes material losses, but can take lives. The cause of fires can be caused by human carelessness and also nature. Several preventions are carried out by utilizing technology to detect one of which is the Internet of Things. Fire detectors are designed for normal people, but difficult for the deaf. This research makes a tool that is more practical, faster and can be used by the deaf. The design in the form of a bracelet equipped with an ESP8266 can be connected via internet for notifications like vibrations and flashing lights if it occurs after a fire. Using Arduino Uno as a fire control and sensor, MQ-2 gas sensor, DHT 22 sensor to detect room conditions then it will be processed into data which will later be sent to the cloud server, namely Thingspeak. Functions as data storage and is read by the bracelet to provide notifications. The test includes the average time (ms) of the sending is temperature which 4.46, humidity 4.48, gas content 4.93, fire 4.21 and 4.16 and reading data is temperature which 3.55, humidity of air 3.53, gas content 3.72, fire 3.35 and 3.62.</em></p> 2022-07-26T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Computer and Science Industrial Engineering (COMASIE) PENERAPAN ALGORITMA C4.5 DALAM PENENTUAN PENERIMA BONUS TAHUNAN PADA KARYAWAN PT WAEN INDONESIA 2022-07-23T02:57:26+00:00 Khe Ben Erlin Elisa <p><em>PT Waen Indonesia is a professional company specializing in plastic production that provides goods such as LDPE, HDPE, PET, ABS, PS/HIPS, GPPS, PC, PMMA, Silicon, POM, PPS, PBT, and so on. As the years pass, employees at PT Waen Indonesia are often dissatisfied with the annual bonuses they receive, so this problem causes a lack of employee performance, employee discipline, and employee loyalty to PT Waen Indonesia. With a big motto in the global market, PT Waen Indonesia, of course, must have quality human resources. One of them is in improving employee performance, employee discipline, and employee loyalty to PT Waen Indonesia, then every year the leadership of PT Waen Indonesia gives bonuses to employees. PT Waen Indonesia has quite a lot of employees, so with the number of employees to be analyzed, a company leader must work hard in analyzing which employees are eligible to receive this annual bonus. The results of the decision tree that have been tested produce the highest gain value which is an important factor because it has a large enough influence in determining the annual bonus for PT Waen Indonesia employees, these factors come from the attributes of years of service, targets, and attendance.</em></p> 2022-07-26T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Computer and Science Industrial Engineering (COMASIE) PERBAIKAN TATA LETAK PENYIMPANAN BARANG DI GUDANG PT STB 2022-07-19T04:04:44+00:00 Nova Sulas Purba Citra Asmarawati <p><em>At this moment, garment care product in PT STB warehouse are not optimize as the part is not tidy up without considering part movement frequency, hence fast moving product have to pass several step to pull out. Purpose of this study is to create layout improvement for optimize the placing base on Class Based Storage method with ABC analysis to classify STB product. Step of this study will start from calculate the movement frequency, classify product base on the movement frequency, decide number of storage and propose the layout improvement with considering rack. Result of the study show frequency of the movement, product grouped to class A which is 2 product, class B which is&nbsp; 3 product and C which is 3 product. with this layout design garment warehouse, proposal able to increase the capacity of warehouse, with result that able to provide additional 40 Pallets</em><em>.</em></p> 2022-07-26T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Computer and Science Industrial Engineering (COMASIE) PERANCANGAN PEMBUATAN VIDEO DAUR ULANG BAN KENDARAAN MENGGUNAKAN AUGMENTED REALITY DENGAN METODE MULTIMEDIA DEVELOPMENT LIFE CYCLE 2022-07-21T04:56:39+00:00 Kevin Anggara Pastima Simanjuntak <p>Tires are a component of two-wheeled and four-wheeled vehicles, such as cars, motorcycles, and bicycles. Tires have a role that is so that the vehicle can move. Tires can also be used to reduce vibration caused by road irregularities, protecting the wheels in a vehicle from damaged or uneven roads. Some vehicle tires can be damaged or punctured if they hit a sharp object such as a nail or thorn. In addition to being exposed to sharp objects, vehicle tires can also thin out if the tires are used for very long time, so it can no longer be used on any vehicle. Therefore, vehicle tires that are not suitable for use can be reused by recycling, one example is being used as plant pots. Therefore, vehicle tires that are not suitable for use can be reused by recycling, one example is being used as plant pots. So with that, researchers will create a software that can explain a way to recycle vehicle tires into plant pots with software, namely Augmented Reality. To design and implement a video of vehicle tire recycling using Augmented Reality with the Multimedia Development Life Cycle method. The method of the Multimedia Development Life Cycle consists of 6 stages, namely Concept, Design, Material Collection, Presentation, Experiment, and Distribution. The result of the end of this research is a video in the form of Augmented Reality to learn how to recycle vehicle tires into plant pots in the form of Augmented Reality</p> 2022-07-26T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Computer and Science Industrial Engineering (COMASIE) PREDIKSI PROFIT PERUSAHAAN DENGAN KLASIFIKASI ALGORITMA C4.5 PADA PT TUNAS JASA MANDIRI 2022-07-21T04:42:25+00:00 Michael Jordan Saut Saragih <p><em>The development of technology and information has brought changes in all fields, including the development of the business world. The dynamic development of technology and information accompanied by the times can produce fast and accurate information and does not require a long time to find the information needed. It is undeniable that the rapid development of technology and information is currently attracting the attention of the wider community, including companies that manage industrial estates where business activities always require significant calculations of information to carry out a business plan that they manage every year. PT Tunas Jasa Mandiri is a subsidiary of PT Tritunas Bangun Perkasa which manages the Tunas industrial area. PT Tunas Jasa Mandiri was established in 2008 which is located on Jl. Raja Isa - Tunas Ruko Industrial Estate Blok 1A No. 10 Batam Center. So far, the company has a collection of data related to the achievement of company performance that has cost a lot of money but the data has not been used properly. Through the application of data mining technology with the C4.5 algorithm, a set of untapped transaction data will be processed and produce new knowledge which becomes something valuable and useful for companies, especially in predicting profit achievement</em></p> 2022-07-26T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Computer and Science Industrial Engineering (COMASIE) RANCANG BANGUN ALAT SHUFFING DRING MENGGUNAKAN MOTOR DC SYSTEM KENDALI PULSE WIDTH MODULATION BERBASIS ARDUINO 2022-07-21T04:54:40+00:00 wardiansyah putra Nopriadi Nopriadi <p><em>The rapid development of technology at this time can be seen along with the development of small entrepreneurs so that technological developments have an impact on human life, the sales method requires the development of technology in electronics in the form of machines that can help human work so as to facilitate the process of making all small and medium businesses. As an example of the large development of electronic device technology such as the Arduino Uno R3, one of the technological tools that is very simple and easy to operate in the form of making mini tools can be called a microcontroller which functions to process simple programs such as C++ programming and Arduino ID programming to drive a computer. The object that is connected to the Arduino Uno R3 to run perfectly also requires a PWM that can control a DC motor that can rotate left and right to rotate in the manufacture of shuffing dring drinks, which are better known as hot drinks, for example bandrek, the egg. The shuffing dring can also be referred to as a hot drink shaker, the existence of this shuffing dring drink can make it easier to manufacture so you don't have to wait a long time in making it, just enter the ingredients you want to eat in a short period of time, you can finish quickly how the arduino tool works. the code to pwm after that pwm itself drives the dc motor with the maximum possible rotation, it can also rotate in two directions in seconds so that the work is simpler to have two dc motors as drivers with the dc motor position from above rotating in two directions while the dc motor from below enough with one direction of rotation so that in the manufacturing process it is perfect. The test can be seen to have one PWM (Pulse Width modulation) that can move two dc motors simultaneously in different directions - surgery to get the key code from an Arduino which processes the Arduino ID program to run the two objects so that it can provide maximum results to the user.</em></p> 2022-07-26T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Computer and Science Industrial Engineering (COMASIE) ANALISIS KEPUASAN PELANGGAN TERHADAP JASA ELANG KURIR DI TANJUNG PIAYU 2022-07-21T04:48:55+00:00 obajano situmorang Citra Asmarawati <p><em>Various courier services located in Tanjung Piayu are Courier Eagle. The provision of this service already has many customers every day, starting from the delivery of basic necessities, clothing, cosmetics, and household furniture. The amount of competition for courier services make the courier eagle have to provide better service to each of its customers so that customers can trust the courier eagle as a competent courier service than other courier services in tanjung piayu. The unexpected problem that is often experienced by the courier eagle as a delivery service for goods to customer is how the delivery hours of goods to customers start from 10 am to 10 pm, making customer satisfaction from courier eagles reduced.</em></p> 2022-07-26T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Computer and Science Industrial Engineering (COMASIE) ANALISIS HUMAN ERROR UNTUK MENGURANGI KECELAKAAN KERJA PADA PROSES PRODUKSI DI PT DUTA LOGISTIK ASIA 2022-07-21T04:47:16+00:00 Orianus Kristian Gea Sri Zetli <p><strong><em>ABSTRACT</em></strong></p> <p><em>Many work error that occur are caused by human themselves, which are called human error. Human error that often occur in production activityes can harm thet company in achieving production effectivenes and eficiency. Therefore, it’s necesary to improve the performance of workers in order to reduce work error that often occur. Several methods for identifying human errors in clude the SHERPA and HEART methods. SHERPA is a qualitative human errors analysis method that uses task level as the basic input. HEART, on the other hand, is a quick, easy and accessible way to determine the risk of human error. PT Duta Logistik Asia is one of the companies that produces activated carbon in the city of Batam. The activated carbon process goes throuh several stages, namely the heating proces, the sieving process, and the packaging process. Based on the information obtained from the company, errors often occur when doing work which greatly affects the safety of workers and production output as a result of human error. Finding recommendations that are needed to reduce error in the activated carbon production proces using the SHERPA method are to carry out regular and thorough inspections and work on each process and provide periodic training to employees. The probability of error in every work activity in the activated carbon production process using the HEART method wherye the largest nominal human error probability value is 0.16. The process that may occur in human errors in the activated carbon production stage at PT Duta Logistik Asia is through the highest Human Error Probability (HEP) value of 0.544 which is found in the heating and packaging process of activated carbon.</em></p> 2022-07-26T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Computer and Science Industrial Engineering (COMASIE) DECISION TREE TECHNIQUE DALAM MENENTUKAN PENERIMAAN KARYAWAN SUPER MARKET DI LOTTE GROSIR BATAM 2022-07-26T02:47:30+00:00 Mhd isrok aryanto Erlin Elisa <p><em>The role of human resources in company activities is needed because they are the main factor in all of activities that will be carried out by the company to achieve its goals, both to gain profits and to maintain the company's business continuity. The quality of Human Resources (HR) is one of most important factors to increase the productivities of the performance of an organization or agency. One of the efforts to maximize the company's revenue by Super Market Lotte Wholesale Batam is the recruitment of employees by means of selection. The recruitment selection process has not yet been carried out in a professional manner, but is carried out by means of friendship, kinship and work relations. The method that will be used in this study is the C4.5 Algorithm classification with the aim of research to get employees who are in accordance with the company's determination, so that they can advance the company and can achieve sales targets well. The results of the classification using the C4.5 Algorithm are the rules of the highest gain value obtained, namely the entrance exam, achievement and graduate tests.</em></p> 2022-07-26T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Computer and Science Industrial Engineering (COMASIE) RANCANG BANGUN SISTEM INFORMASI JASA DAN PENJUALAN BERBASIS WEBSITE PADA SALON DYNA 2022-07-23T02:43:01+00:00 Dorani Lestariana Sasa Arnomo <p><em>Abstract</em></p> <p><em>Web-Based Service and Sales Information System at Salon Dina can facilitate the sales process at Salon Dina. With the existence of a web-based service and sales information system at the dina salon, it can improve the quality of service and data management at the dina salon. In addition, the salon can easily process sales data, goods data, purchase data and user data stored in the database. In this study, the author discusses how to design and build a Service and Sales Information System at Salon Dina. The system development methodology used is the System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) waterfall model which includes the stages of needs analysis, system design, system implementation and system testing. This system is built using the Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) programming language, the framework uses CodeIgniter and the database server uses MySQL. The results to be achieved in this study are, Service and Sales Information Systems at Salon Dina. With the construction of this system, it is hoped that it can help the salon in processing sales data, goods data, purchase data and user data to be more effective and structured.</em></p> <p><em>Keywords: Sales, Information Systems, System Development Life Cycle (SDLC), Web</em></p> 2022-07-26T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Computer and Science Industrial Engineering (COMASIE) SISTEM INFORMASI PENJUALAN SEMBAKO BERBASIS WEB PADA TOKO VILLA BATAM 2022-07-23T03:12:54+00:00 Apriani Lumbantoruan Saut Saragih <p><br>ABSTRACT</p> <p>Technology disruption are aligned along with the development of the Batam Villa Shop, consumer demand for goods is also increasing with the demand for various types of goods from basic necessities to other basic needs. Currently, the existing system at Toko Villa Batam still uses a very traditional sales process, meaning that the entire sales process is carried out by recording books, namely in the ledger, then the sales model is still like other stores waiting for customers to come to the store. The system development model in this thesis research, the author uses a development design with the System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) model. Also, this model is the model most widely used by developers in software engineering today. The web-based sales information system at the Villa Batam store which has been completed is analyzed, planned, coded, designed, built using database technology, local servers and programming languages ​​to achieve research objectives and benefits.</p> 2022-07-26T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Computer and Science Industrial Engineering (COMASIE) PENERAPAN ALGORITMA C4.5 UNTUK MEMPREDIKSI PENJUALAN BARANG PADA PT BATAM BANGUN PRATHAMA 2022-07-23T02:50:13+00:00 Leonardo Erlin Elisa <p><em>PT Batam Bangun Prathama is a company engaged in the distribution of building and construction materials that imports building and construction materials such as iron tiles, angle iron, and others in Riau Islands. With 25 years of experience, PT Batam Bangun Prathama has been trusted by the Riau Islands community as a distributor of complete building and construction materials so that product standards cannot be doubted. At this time the problem that is being faced by the company when conducting the initial survey is that there are often cases where there is an imbalance between supply and demand for goods. The large number of buyers and the diversity of tastes in the goods they have makes it difficult for PT Batam Bangun Prathama to predict the best-selling items so that it cannot anticipate running out of these items by providing more stock than before. To overcome this, a prediction system is needed for the sale of goods that are most requested by consumers. This prediction will be useful to make it easier for the building stock provider at PT Batam Bangun Prathama in planning the supply of goods and informing the company about the products most purchased by consumers. The results of this research are a tree of sales prediction decisions with the highest gain value, namely price, quality and warranty as factors that greatly affect the availability of goods.</em></p> 2022-07-26T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Computer and Science Industrial Engineering (COMASIE) PERANCANGAN APLIKASI TRACKING KAPAL NELAYAN PESISIR BERBASIS ANDROID 2022-07-26T03:12:20+00:00 Rici Rikardo Hotma Pangaribuan <p><em>Indonesia is a maritime country, in the Moro sub-district it is very rare for fishermen to have private boats, there is a system of cooperation between fishermen and ship owners. the existence of this cooperation system makes it difficult for ship owners to monitor their ships, ship owners monitor their ships by contacting fishermen one by one, this activity takes a long time and the location data provided by fishermen is not accurate because it is only based on instinct and experience of fishermen. To make it easier for ship owners to easily monitor their boats without disturbing the activities of fishermen, therefore this study designed an Android-based coastal fisherman tracking application, Android is software used on mobile devices. With a smartphone that is equipped with GPS can help implement this application on a smartphone. The software used in building this application is Android Studio to build Android applications, Visual Studio Code to design APIs, and XAMPP to run a local server. Testing this application using blackbox testing so that all features in the application run as expected. With this application, it is easier for ship owners to monitor their ships and reduce disturbances to fishermen while at sea.</em></p> 2022-07-26T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Computer and Science Industrial Engineering (COMASIE)