Computer and Science Industrial Engineering (COMASIE) 2023-10-09T03:47:06+00:00 Andi Maslan Open Journal Systems <p style="text-align: justify;">Comasie Journal is a scientific journal of the students of the Faculty of Engineering and Computer, Putera Batam University, which consists of three groups of Sciences namely information systems, informatics engineering and industrial engineering. The journal will be published six months in one year. This journal contains the scientific work of student research with the specific subjects: Networking, Artificial Intelligence, Image Processing, Expert Systems, Computer Systems, Soft Computing, Web Programming, Mobile Programming, Games Programming, Data Mining, Decision Support Systems, and Ergonomics , Product Design, Optimization, Quality, Industrial Management, and Science Management (AW)</p> PERANCANGAN APLIKASI RESEP MASAKAN TRADISIONAL INDONESIA MENGGUNAKAN PENDEKATAN AGILE PROCESS DENGAN MODEL EXTREME PROGRAMMING BERBASIS ANDROID 2023-07-31T07:13:21+00:00 Elisawiah Sitompul Elbert Hutabri <p><em>Almost all aspects of human life have now been touched by tehnological advances, one of which is food recipes. In the past, when you wanted to learn food recipes, you had to go through magazines and newspaper. Then was a change, food recipes can be found on the website in the form of the text and images. Then it developed in to video broadcast on youtube, which can access via a computer or smartphone. This development in the culinery field is indeed very helpful, but it still has weaknees namely, the information contained on the websites and videos is only for one type of food, if you want to find another dish you have to search again, this method also requires quite a lot of time to find food recipes according to your wants and needs, and the food recipes you are looking for are easily lost and easily forgotten because they cannot be stored permanently. So that with the application Android-based tradisional Indonesian food recipes, it can be accsessed mobile by using a smartphone.So this is quite helpful for users to make it easier to find information about the materials needed to how make to make them. The approach used is an agile process approach with an extreme programming model, then the design uses UML (Unified Modeling Language).</em></p> <p><strong><em>Keywords:</em></strong><em> Food Recipes, Android, Agile Process, Extreme Programming</em></p> <p> </p> 2023-10-09T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Computer and Science Industrial Engineering (COMASIE) ANALISIS PENILAIAN KINERJA SUPPLIER PADA PT IDCSS 2023-07-31T04:41:09+00:00 Ian Riyan Arsyad Sumantika <p><em>The best performance assessment of suppliers in the company is an effort to improve the quality of service and provide the best products to customers. The effort aims to keep the company competitive by minimizing discrepancies in the supply chain flow. Research was conducted on PT IDCSS to find the best performing suppliers in meeting the needs of artificial ornamental plant products, to minimize problems arising from the supply of inappropriate products. The method used in this research is the VPI frame worked Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) method with the main criteria of Quality, Cost, Delivery, Flexibility and Response which are divided into 17 sub-criteria. The results showed that the highest weights were the delivery criteria (0.389), cost (0.294), quality (0.157), response (0.108) and flexibility (0.052). The assessment results on supplier performance supplier MIS (0.260), YOH (0.256), FYG (0.244), CIL (0.129) and supplier SAM (0.112). This shows that supplier MIS has the best performance as a supplier of artificial ornamental plant products for PT IDCSS.</em></p> 2023-10-09T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Computer and Science Industrial Engineering (COMASIE) ANALISIS PENGENDALIAN KUALITAS PRINTING HOUSING TOP MELITA PADA PT LEON TEKNOLOGI GLOBAL 2023-07-31T04:21:06+00:00 Saferia Suiman Laia Citra Indah Asmarawati <p><em>PT Leon Teknologi is a company engaged in the coating or polishing of raw materials for parts and even assy such as spray painting which has several large customers in the city of Batam, HSG TOP Melitta is a customer in the field of spray painting who has just collaborated with PT Leon in 2020 In terms of quality control issues at PT Leon, visual reject is the main contribution, with a reject rate of 3.5% of the total quantity during the last 6 months of production in the spray painting process, such as Crack on, scratch, White/Black dot and Over painting on Housing Top melitta after printing, Factors Causing Defects on Fishbone analysis, namely from scratch From Human Factors, scratch defects are caused by a lack of production operator training which causes inaccurate operator handling and a lack of understanding of the types of product defects that occur in the production process and methods, namely The lack of clarity on work instructions for the spray painting process caused the spray painting process to be inconsistent with operator procedures and finally the material, which is a type of material that is easily scratched, needs to be reviewed for work instructions on the Melitta upper housing. The Crack factor from Crack is likely to occur in mixing paint with thinner which has a ratio of 1 (Paint): 3 (Thinner) and in general some Spray Painting uses a ratio of 1 (Paint) : 1.3 (Thinner) and some experiments use a ratio of paint and thinner the latest so that out of 30 samples no Crack was Found</em></p> 2023-10-09T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Computer and Science Industrial Engineering (COMASIE) ANALISIS KEAMANAN JARINGAN PADA FASILITAS WIFI TERHADAP SERANGAN SNIFFING DI PT DUTA COMPUTER 2023-07-31T02:40:17+00:00 Putri Rosayanti Silalahi Sunarsan Sitohang <p><em>Technological developments and dependence on WiFi networks have brought many benefits in the business world, including at PT Duta Computer. However, network security is becoming a critical issue as cyber attacks become increasingly complex and sophisticated. One potential attack is a sniffing attack, in which the attacker tries to steal sensitive data that is sent over a WiFi network. This study aims to conduct an in-depth analysis of network security on WiFi facilities at PT Duta Computer against sniffing attacks. The results of this study are expected to provide deeper insight into the level of security of the WiFi network at PT Duta Computer and help companies to identify and address potential security vulnerabilities. By enhancing network security, PT Duta Computer can ensure that sensitive customer data and corporate information remain safe from sniffing attacks.</em></p> 2023-10-09T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Computer and Science Industrial Engineering (COMASIE) SISTEM KEAMANAN SEPEDA MOTOR BERBASIS MIKROKONTROLER MENGGUNAKAN SMS GATEWAY 2023-07-31T01:12:38+00:00 Viktorius Dakhi Alfannisa Annurrullah Fajrin <p>Abstrak&nbsp;</p> 2023-10-09T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Computer and Science Industrial Engineering (COMASIE) PENGENDALIAN PERSEDIAAN SUKU CADANG FORKLIFT PADA UMKM ABDI JASA INDUSTRI 2023-07-28T10:36:49+00:00 Galih Rafiqi Elsya Paskaria Loyda Tarigan <p>UMKM ABDI JASA INDUSTRI merupakan perusahaan yang bergerak di bidang alat berat industri yaitu <em>forklift</em> dan generator set (<em>genset</em>). permasalahan khusus pada UMKM ABDI JAYSA INDUSTRI diantaranya: seringnya terdapat masalah dari jumlah suku cadang, ketidakpastian permintaan persediaan, baik jumlah suku cadang yang dipesan maupun jumlah suku cadang yang disimpan, belum adanya spesifikasi suku cadang dalam penentuan jumlah pemesanan suku cadang forklift, sehingga menyebabkan tempat penyimpanan suku cadang tidak cukup. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengklasifikasikan suku cadang tersebut sehingga mendapatkan jumlah pemesanan yang optimal meliputi ukuran lot per tiap kali pesan, titik <em>reorder point</em> yang jelas, dan adanya <em>safety</em> <em>stock</em> sebagai antisipasi jika terjadi hal yang tidak diinginkan serta perusahaan dapat memperoleh total biaya persediaan yang lebih hemat, yang menjadi permasalahan adalah Persediaan yang tidak terkendali sehingga mengakibatkan tempat penyimpanan suku cadang tidak mencukupi. Tujuan dari penelitian ini adalah untuk mengetahui jumlah persediaan dan pengendalian suku cadang dengan menggunakan metode continuous review system. Berdasarkan dari hasil analisa, pengolahan data, hasil &amp; implementasi dan juga pembahasan, dari data yang di ambil dari penelitian dalam hal membuat pengendalian persediaan suku cadang forklift didapatkan hasil forecasting yang memiliki eror terkecil (MAD) untuk masing-masing suku cadang. MAD pada suku cadang seal plunger adalah 1.25, Battery 0.6, Ban 1.325, King Pin Kit 2.925, Filter Solar 6.25, dan kampas rem 0.925, Dan juga didapatkan hasil f<em>orescasting</em> untuk 1 bulan kedepan (agustus) untuk tiap suku cadang adalah: cadang seal plunger 24.4, Battery 3, Ban 7, King Pin Kit 13.3, Filter Solar 24, dan kampas rem 13. Dan didapatkan Hasil penghematan persediaan sebesar Biaya Total Rp25.595.310,00 atau sebesar 6.75%.</p> 2023-10-09T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Computer and Science Industrial Engineering (COMASIE) RANCANGAN ALAT PEMBANGKIT LISTRIK TENAGA BATERAI 2023-07-31T07:37:33+00:00 Bitson Nerpandi Hutapea Ganda Sirait <p><em>Many factors could affect electricity distribution to seclusion places or the outer part of an island that needs electricity, for instance the power plant center is located very far away, low population, and difficult access to electricity. This is a design to establish a battery power generator that has the same concept with a common generator that could result in electricity power up to 36 kWh, this power can supply electricity to 30 houses with 1,2 kWh for each house. The goal of this research is to re-designing a generator by considering user needs. A survey had been made to acknowledge what customers might need from this product and axiomatic design is used to compile a parameter design using mapping process from customer attribute and functional requirement.</em></p> 2023-10-09T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Computer and Science Industrial Engineering (COMASIE) RANCANG BANGUN SISTEM INFORMASI MANAJEMEN KARYAWAN 2023-07-31T08:09:06+00:00 Leo Jhon Sinar Purba Amrizal Amrizal <p><em>The employee management information system at Nazra Swim School (NSS) was created with the aim of improving the performance and service of employees at Nazra Swim School (NSS). Nazra Swim School has a lot of data, one of which is employee data that needs to be stored and processed. Employee data processing is currently still done manually. To facilitate the processing of employee data, an information system is needed to process employee data so that the resulting information is more accurate, efficient and precise. This employee management information system is done using the waterfall method. This information system design includes document flowcharts, system flowcharts, data flow diagrams, context diagrams, database design, conceptual data model (CDM), physical data model (PDM) and user interface design. The employee management information system is designed using the programming language PHP, Notepad++ and MySQL database. implementation of a web-based employee management information system can help administration and employees in managing employee data automatically.</em></p> 2023-10-09T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Computer and Science Industrial Engineering (COMASIE) ANALISIS PENGENDALIAN KUALITAS PRODUK TLS PADA PT HO WAH GENTING 2023-07-31T04:43:07+00:00 Hendra Hanyel Nofriani Fajrah <p><strong>ABSTRACT</strong></p> <p><em>One of the keys to success in winning industry competition in the future or in the era globalization is to pay attention to quality issue.&nbsp; For that reason, if a company wants to survive, particularly in facing the future, so are required to pay attention to the quality.PT Ho Wah Genting is company operating in manufacturing sector that produces cable wire, by which one product is TLS. According to observation, there were three problems during the printing procces. Malformed product is being, and less product defects. The research on p’s control maps show that there’s data that’s out of control. Based on the analysis of the defect using the fishbone diagram for every flaw there are some factor which are human being. Machines, method, material, and also the neigborhood. Based on the analysis in the field, the product defects cannot be eliminated because when the machine is set up, it will also defect product. Based on the three alternative design tools obtained, the third design alternative was chosen because it is effective in helping operators maintain product quality and in accordance white the constraints faced by operators during the production process.</em></p> 2023-10-09T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Computer and Science Industrial Engineering (COMASIE) ANALISIS PENGENDALIAN KUALITAS PRODUK PLASTIK DI PT. YEAKIN PLASTIC INDUSTRY 2023-07-31T03:54:20+00:00 Septian Faris Ardianto Arsyad Sumantika <p><em>In an increasingly advanced age, All kinds of work and ways change very quickly every year. oth in the field of service and manufacturing. Pt yeakin plastic industry has 3 lines one of which is plastic production, in the manufacture of its own plastic products, pt yeakin plasticindustry batam only production material that has become plastic roll into plastic polybag based on the results of observational research in the field, in finding problems in the quality of the product and in finding various defects in the product that cause the quality of plastic to be decreased and not in accordance with the standard. Procedures based on standards set by the company, the company sets its own target of a maximum of 5% of total production in the production process.the purpose of this study is to identify the level of variation in defects in the plastic production process, triggering the types of defects that occur in plastic during the cutting process at PT Yeakin Plastic Industry Batam</em></p> 2023-10-09T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Computer and Science Industrial Engineering (COMASIE) ANALISIS RISIKO ERGONOMI PENJAHIT BERDASARKAN JENIS KELAMIN DI KOTA BATAM 2023-07-31T01:14:02+00:00 Capai Laia Sri Zetli <p><em>The development of the fashion sector in today's modern world is undoubtedly quite promising. Many entrepreneurs start industrial businesses in the clothing sector or what is often referred to as the garment industry, because the need for clothing production is very large. As a result of the very promising profits from the clothing business, many large, medium and small informal companies have flocked to open this business. As a profit-oriented company, on the other hand it also generates many health problems and increases the likelihood of workplace accidents. This is because there are many possible risks in the workplace, including chemical, physical, biological, ergonomic, as well as psychosocial hazards, all of which have an impact on the health of workers</em></p> 2023-10-09T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Computer and Science Industrial Engineering (COMASIE) IMPLEMENTASI DATA MINING DALAM PREDIKSI KEPUASAN BELAJAR SAAT PANDEMIC COVID MENGGUNAKAN ALGORITMA C 4.5 2023-07-31T01:10:56+00:00 Asnija Elisabeth Siahaan Rahmat Fauzi <p><em>In 2020, the Covid-virus pandemic has spread throughout the world, including in Indonesia, of course affecting all aspects, especially the lives of Indonesian people, including education during the online learning process and the transition from face-to-face processes, of course, various obstacles arise including the lack of students understanding the teaching and learning process, and teachers who are unable to convey material optimally, that's why this online learning system requires the implementation of Data Mining to maximize learning and help related parties. The method used in this research is analysis and data mining. Analysis is an attempt to observe something in detail. things or things by outlining its constituent components or constituents for further study. Data mining, also known as knowledge, is one of the fields whose rapid growth is due to the high demand for added value from large-scale database batteries. From the research that has been done, it indicates that the decision tree can be a reference for schools in order to increase student and female learning satisfaction in the learning process, and based on the results of system testing it can be concluded that this application was successful in increasing student satisfaction in online learning during the covid pandemic. Data mining is used by the C4.5 algorithm to interest students in online learning during the corona virus.</em></p> 2023-10-09T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Computer and Science Industrial Engineering (COMASIE)