Computer and Science Industrial Engineering (COMASIE) <p style="text-align: justify;">Comasie Journal is a scientific journal of the students of the Faculty of Engineering and Computer, Putera Batam University, which consists of three groups of Sciences namely information systems, informatics engineering and industrial engineering. The journal will be published six months in one year. This journal contains the scientific work of student research with the specific subjects: Networking, Artificial Intelligence, Image Processing, Expert Systems, Computer Systems, Soft Computing, Web Programming, Mobile Programming, Games Programming, Data Mining, Decision Support Systems, and Ergonomics , Product Design, Optimization, Quality, Industrial Management, and Science Management (AW)</p> en-US (Andi Maslan) (-) Mon, 30 Jan 2023 09:02:20 +0000 OJS 60 PERANCANGAN ALAT JARINGAN BERBASIS AUGMENTED REALITY DENGAN METODE MARKER BASED TRACKING <p><strong>ABSTRACT</strong></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p><em>Innovation in training is presently developing quickly, a few new advancements that can right now assist understudies with picking up something, one of which is expanded reality innovation. This innovation can be a medium that consolidates articles or articles that can be shown in three-layered structure which makes it look more alluring and intelligent for clients. Expanded reality innovation is still seldom applied to the presentation of organization devices, which we know up to this point its presentation is as yet aloof and not boosted, with increased reality innovation it can improve clients comprehend the apparatuses that are shown in three-layered structure since they are more intelligent and furthermore fascinating. This study utilizes marker based following which is a marker or marker to raise the three-layered object where the consequence of this exploration is an android application involving expanded reality innovation for the presentation and plan of organization devices which likewise depicts data from every one of the apparatuses showed in the application..</em></p> Doni Yoswardi Sinaga Sinaga, Nopriadi Nopriadi Copyright (c) 2022 Computer and Science Industrial Engineering (COMASIE) Mon, 30 Jan 2023 00:00:00 +0000 ANALISIS PENERAPAN LEAN WAREHOUSING PADA PERGUDANGAN DI PT TDK ELECTRONICS INDONESIA <p>PT TDK Electronics Indonesia Terdapat permasalahan pada struktur gudang material yang dapat mengakibatkan banyaknya jenis waste di dalam gudang, antara lain waktu pencarian yang lama pada saat mencari material di gudang adalah 30 menit, waktu transit pada saat pengangkutan material ke gudang adalah 20 menit atau dari stok ke gudang dalam 10 menit dan waktu pengiriman saat menempatkan bahan ke gudang adalah 20 menit. Salah satu metode yang dapat digunakan untuk mengurangi pemborosan adalah pendekatan lean. Tujuan penerapan Lean adalah untuk menghilangkan pemborosan yang terjadi dalam proses produksi dan mengurangi biaya pemborosan. Untuk menggambarkan adanya persediaan bahan baku yang ditolak digunakan metode Value Stream Mapping. Setelah melakukan analisis pemborosan menggunakan Value Stream Mapping (VSM), identifikasi pemborosan yang ada, analisis akar penyebab dan penghilangan pemborosan menggunakan alat Lean dilakukan untuk perbaikan desain Direkomendasikan untuk manajemen inventaris. Hasil dari penelitian ini adalah waktu tunggu pengiriman dari supplier, waktu transit untuk membawa barang dari luar ke <em>store</em>, waktu tunggu bahan menunggu untuk dikirim. harus menunggu terlalu lama, waktu transit saat mengantri, waktu mencari bahan baku untuk kebutuhan produksi dan waktu transportasi saat memindahkan bahan baku dari barang ke bahan baku. pemohon. Usulan perbaikan <em>store</em> PT TDK Batam untuk mengurangi pemborosan yang terjadi antara lain penambahan material handling berupa gerobak dan tangga untuk mempersingkat waktu transit, modifikasi tata letak <em>store</em>, tata letak sebelum perbaikan Pemanfaatan ruangan = 77%, tata letak setelah perbaikan utilitas ruang = 37,11% dan memberikan label/coding pada setiap materi.</p> Nopriadi Situmorang, Sunarsan Sitohang Copyright (c) 2022 Computer and Science Industrial Engineering (COMASIE) Mon, 30 Jan 2023 00:00:00 +0000 PERANCANGAN APLIKASI GO-LOUNDRY MENGGUNAKAN DART BERBASIS ANDROID <p><em>Clothing is useful for protecting and protecting from the heat of the sun, smog, and other objects that can irritate the skin. However, a healthy body requires clean, fragrant and neat clothes, to have them all, we must wash the clothes we will use. R&amp;R Tayloor With Assyifa Londry is one of the MSME businesses founded by shop owner Mrs. Dew who specializes in washing clothes, carpets, shoes, dolls and the like in washing machines. As for the problems experienced by customers where receipts or notes are sometimes lost and wet, the second problem is that the laundry business owner does not have customers anymore, so for this problem the researcher wants to find a solution by designing an Android - London-based Go Application that can be used by customers and shop owners to Manage laundry orders. The Android-based Go - laundry application is the result of a project that with this Android-based laundry ordering application allows customers to easily place laundry orders and can save electronic records stored in the Go - Londonry application, reducing customer anxiety if the Londonry owner's paper print is lost or wet. The benefits that R&amp; Tayloor has with Assyifa Londry are attracting more customers than before, increasing transaction value and maintaining customer loyalty for R&amp;R Tayloor with Assyifa Londry. In this design the researcher uses the darts programming language with a framework to facilitate the design of the researcher's Go-londry application. The test method used in the study is the black box test, the black box test is the AR screen test to make it easier to use.</em></p> Kasianus Kalfinus Nduru, Cosmas Suharyanto Copyright (c) 2022 Computer and Science Industrial Engineering (COMASIE) Mon, 30 Jan 2023 00:00:00 +0000 ANALISIS POLA PEMBELIAN PRODUK MENGGUNAKAN ALGORITMA APRIORI PADA TOKO SURYA ELEKTRONIK <p><em>Sales transaction data unmanaged at the toko surya elektronik causes the absence of proper patterns in the procurement of goods and layouts that are not in accordance with consumer behavior. This greatly affects the level of sales and marketing strategy. The absence of consumer analysis through transaction data is a problem faced by toko surya elektronik in increasing sales. So we need an analysis that can help the toko surya elektronik in providing information about behavior of the consumers and what items are needed, so that the toko surya elektornik can ensure the inventory of goods according to consumer needs. This study applies a data mining calculation technique using appriori algorithm and managed on the Tanagra software. This research will help toko surya elektronik organize inventory and layout of goods according to consumer interests based on the value of support and confidence.</em></p> Larisma Nursinta Nainggolan, Erlin Elisa Copyright (c) 2022 Computer and Science Industrial Engineering (COMASIE) Mon, 30 Jan 2023 00:00:00 +0000