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The scope of this journal is mass communication / communication of social change and innovation / tourism communication / popular culture and new media, corporate communication and advertising.</p> <p style="text-align: justify;">Each manuscript that goes into the editorials of the journal will go through a review process with a double-blind review system, which means the writer does not know the reviewer who rated it and the reviewer does not know the author of the manuscript he rated. Journal authors who wish to submit manuscripts to this journal, Please&nbsp;<strong><a href="">Register</a></strong>&nbsp;and use the&nbsp;<a href="">Template Jurnal.</a></p> <p style="text-align: justify;"><strong>Call For Paper February 2019</strong><br>Jurnal Commed akan menerbitkan vol 4 no 1 (2019).&nbsp;<br>Submission Open For Agust 2019 Issue. Last Date of Paper Submission : August 20 2019</p> <p style="text-align: justify;">&nbsp;</p> Prodi Ilmu Komunikasi Universitas Putera Batam en-US Commed : Jurnal Komunikasi dan Media 2527-8673 DRAMATURGI: BUDAYA FLEXING BERKEDOK PENIPUAN DI MEDIA SOSIAL (STUDI KASUS INDRA KENZ DAN DONI SALMANAN) <p><em>Flexing is a term used for someone who often shows off his wealth. Flexing culture is now becoming a sensational phenomenon in society since the arrests of Indra Kenz and Doni Salmanan. As binary option affiliates, Indra Kenz and Doni Salmanan often show off their wealth in their social media accounts so that they are known as Crazy Rich Medan and Crazy Rich Bandung. But behind that, they also try to cover up the cover of their fraud so that it is not known by others. This study aims to analyze the cases of Indra Kenz and Doni Salmanan as binary option affiliators. This research approach uses a qualitative descriptive approach. The researcher uses the theory of dramaturgy by Erving Goffman, which will analyze the front stage and back stage performed by Indra Kenz and Doni Salmanan. From the results of the analysis it can be seen that Indra Kenz and Doni Salmanan flexed on social media with the aim of attracting victims to participate in binary options trading so that they can reap huge profits from the victims' losses, but behind that they are also trying to cover up the guise of their fraud. As binary option affiliates, they try to present everything that is good about themselves (front stage) and cover their cover (back stage).</em></p> nurma yuwita Naili Mauhibatillah Himmatul ‘Ulyah Copyright (c) 2023 Commed : Jurnal Komunikasi dan Media 2022-08-14 2022-08-14 7 1 01 14 10.33884/commed.v7i1.6602 KOMUNIKASI TRANSDENTAL PENGANUT KAPITAYAN DALAM PENINGKATAN KESADARAN SPIRITUAL <p><em>This study intend to examine how the analysis of the transdental communication of Kapitayan disciple to increasing spiritual awareness carried out by the Damar village community, using the perspective of the Transdental Communication. Research on Transdental Communication on Javanese spiritual awareness is very interesting to study considering that research on spiritual awareness is also still rarely done in scientific research, especially in the focus of Communication Science.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Method in this study uses descriptive qualitative research methods. The results of this study indicate that humans in their lives always face various kinds of difficulties. So to deal with these problems, humans draw closer to the Almighty through a spiritual journey. Spiritual awareness is a science that discusses the condition of the human mindset which is manifested by the soul.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; as the essence and existence of human life. Spiritual awareness connects humans to interact between servants and their God through energy and spirituality in each human being. as well as communication as an interaction process that</em></p> Muhammad Iqbal Yaqin Faris Copyright (c) 2023 Commed : Jurnal Komunikasi dan Media 2022-10-14 2022-10-14 7 1 15 29 10.33884/commed.v7i1.6603 PERANCANGAN CULTURE CRAFT CENTER SENI BUDAYA TRADISI MALUKU – TIFA SEBAGAI UPAYA PELESTARIAN SENI BUDAYA TRADISI INDONESIA <p><strong><em>Art</em></strong><em> can be interpreted as a creation made by humans that has an element of beauty. <strong>Art</strong> is able to evoke one's emotions and feelings. <strong>Culture</strong> itself is a form of life that develops together in a group of people in a way that is passed down from generation to generation. <strong>Cultural arts</strong> become the most selling point that can use as a valuable foreign exchange resource for the country. Currently, foreign tourists prefer to enjoy tourist destinations that have a traditional feel. Meanwhile, Indonesian youth today still lack love for <strong>traditional arts and culture in Indonesia</strong>. Some even don't know it at all, because currently, schools in Indonesia, especially internationally, are more likely to introduce modern and digital cultural arts. It's sad when one day imagining this <strong>Indonesian traditional culture</strong> will be disappears</em></p> David Magetanapuang Niken Savitri Anggraeni Achmad Mucharam Copyright (c) 2023 Commed : Jurnal Komunikasi dan Media 2022-10-14 2022-10-14 7 1 30 43 10.33884/commed.v7i1.6467 PROSES DAN HAMBATAN DALAM PENULISAN KONTEN DI SITUS WEB OLEH AGENSI PERIKLANAN DIGITAL <p><em>Digital advertising agencies help brand owners manage and promote the brand over the internet so that the brand can persist and win the hearts of consumers by following trends or times. Content writers are needed to creatively shape ideas and concepts for a content to attract attention and influence the target audience. The purpose of this study is to describe the process and barriers of website content writing by digital advertising agencies. This study uses qualitative methods with a case study approach, data collection techniques using interviews, the data analysis techniques used in this study are thematic analysis. The outcome of this study is the process of writing website content by digital advertising agencies, consisting of obtaining keywords for articles from the management, collecting reference materials for articles related to the given keywords of articles, rewriting article content into new article content, paraphrasing the words in the article according to the received article keywords, checking articles using plagiarism checking software, sending article content to leaders and administrators for editing and for additional information in the form of interesting images related to the content of the created article, and uploading and publishing the articles on the website. From the results of this study, it is suggested that in the future, the keywords for the articles should be more diverse, the existing </em><em>i</em><em>nternet connection should be further improved, and the deadline for writing the website content should be weekly rather than daily.</em></p> Maharani Imran Copyright (c) 2023 Commed : Jurnal Komunikasi dan Media 2022-10-14 2022-10-14 7 1 44 57 10.33884/commed.v7i1.6502 STRATEGI INTEGRATED MARKETING COMMUNICATION PT GO-JEK DALAM LAYANAN JASA GO-FOOD <p><em>This research is motivated by the achievements of PT Go-Jek in marketing Go-Food services in the past two years. The achievements are allegedly caused by the implementation of the Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) strategy through the activities of advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, marketing sponsorship, public relations, and point of purchase communication. These activities involve the use of marketing tools, which include digital tools, tool components, and digital access, as well as aspects of the company's human resources effectively. The purpose of this research is to find out and analyze the steps of the Integrated Marketing Communication strategy of PT Go-Jek in the Go-Food service in Garut.</em></p> <p><em>The results of the study concluded, that: 1) PT Go-Jek's Human Resources are sufficiently adequate in terms of competence to properly implement all aspects of the IMC; understanding of the use of digital devices (digital tools) is quite good; understanding the use of tool components is good; understanding the use of digital access is also quite good; </em><em>2) Advertising material or messages of Go-Food services by PT Go-Jek are good, both through online and offline media; </em><em>3) The concept of direct offers through personal selling on Go-Food services by PT Go-Jek is good, both through online and offline media; </em><em>4) Direct incentives/bonuses through sales promotion by PT Go-Jek have been implemented well in attracting consumers; 5) Through marketing sponsorship in Go-Food services, PT Go-Jek's sponsor activities in an event are quite good; 6) Activities to establish relationships and social communication through public relations, such as updating the appearance of the Go-Jek application are quite well implemented; and 7) The use of several advertising tools and media, both in the PT Go-Jek office and in public places through point of purchase communication, is also carried out quite well.</em></p> <p><strong><em>Keywords: Integrated Marketing Communication</em>, <em>Digital Marketing Tools</em>, </strong><strong><em>Go-Jek</em> and <em>Go-Food Services</em></strong></p> RESTY MUSTIKA PRATIWI IIS ZILFAH ADNAN Mega Agustina Putu Sanusi Copyright (c) 2023 Commed : Jurnal Komunikasi dan Media 2023-01-25 2023-01-25 7 1 58 73 10.33884/commed.v7i1.6412 TINJAUAN TENTANG CLICKBAIT DI MEDIA <p><em>The ease of access to information via the internet certainly has a positive impact on the community, and at the same time the community also accepts the negative impact. One negative thing is the growth of clickbait produced by online mass media. This paper aims to examine clickbait starting from the definition, types of clickbait, the advantages and disadvantages of using clickbait in terms of business and journalism. This study uses a qualitative approach, using content analysis as the main research data source. The author reviews various journals that examine clickbait, books, and website searches. The results show that the use of clickbait is a strategy by the mass media to persuade their readers to visit their website, then the number of reader visits is used as the basis for media companies to compete with their business partners. Clickbait provides business benefits in a limited time, while from a journalistic perspective it is clearly very detrimental, because the journalistic quality is very bad.&nbsp;</em></p> Olih Solihin Rachmawati Widyaningrum Farida Hariyati Farida Hariyati Zikri Fachrul Nurhadi Effendi Agus Waluyo Copyright (c) 2023 Commed : Jurnal Komunikasi dan Media 2023-01-25 2023-01-25 7 1 74 84 10.33884/commed.v7i1.6599