JURNAL ILMIAH INFORMATIKA 2023-09-06T03:34:16+00:00 Andi Maslan Open Journal Systems <p align="justify">Jurnal Ilmiah Informatika (JIF) is a computer and information technology research journal published on the results of research in the field of computer technology, both broadly and specifically in certain fields related to computer information technology. The article to be published is original work and has never been distributed. The incoming articles will be reviewed by a team of reviewers who come from internal and external S1 Informatics Engineering study programs at Putera Batam University. JIF is published periodically every 6 months, namely in March and September.</p> ANALISIS UNTUK MEMPREDIKSI STOK ASET DI PT. XYZ MENGGUNAKAN ALGORITMA APRIORI 2023-07-21T08:01:27+00:00 Nur Ikhsan Fahmi Arzalega Nur Nawaningtyas Pusparini <p><em>There was an error in the staff's recording of goods and calculations, making it difficult to locate the necessary data. A collection of data that has been recorded and calculated ultimately renders the data useless. The purpose of the study was to determine whether the RapidMiner application's use of data mining can aid in stock prediction and data analysis. For stock predictions, the researcher employs the a priori algorithm approach in this instance. The findings indicate that employees will request the most support in 2022—a printer—if they request a laptop by as much as 7.9%. The laptop category will dominate in 2021, and the PC category will dominate in 2022. Therefore, the highest level of confidence for 2022 is that employees will request a printer if they request a PC and an external hard disk of 100%. The conclusion states that employees can use the RapidMiner application to perform data mining by applying the a priori algorithm, which aids in data analysis and predicts employee supply requirements.</em></p> 2023-09-05T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 JURNAL ILMIAH INFORMATIKA PERANCANGAN AUTOMATIC TEMPAT SAMPAH PADA SISTEM ARDUINO UNO R3 2023-07-21T07:59:53+00:00 Tanto wijaya Tanto Agus Salim Nur Nawaningtyas Pusparini <p><em>Automatic Design of Trash Cans in the Arduino Uno R3 System is designed for waste management which is often a problem in many cities. Waste management is currently one of the factors that always influences the creation of a clean and healthy environment. Garbage that is always left alone over time will accumulate and pile up so that no one takes care of it, irregular waste is a problem that often occurs. In the waste collection process, which will be carried out by checking the garbage collection sites one by one, the work will be ineffective and inefficient, because it will take a lot of wasted time, even time and money. Furthermore, to simplify the waste disposal process, this can be done at any time, because the process is very easy and can be done or done by anyone. The result is that the ultrasonic sensor is used to capture objects or objects in front of it, then there is a servo motor that can move when someone throws trash, after that there is an LCD display that will display an inscription, after that there is also a mini speaker that makes a sound if someone has finished taking out the trash. So the conclusions that can be studied in this study are how to design an Automatic Trash Can on the Arduino Uno R3 System which can open the lid of the trash can by itself.</em></p> 2023-09-05T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 JURNAL ILMIAH INFORMATIKA RANCANG BANGUN APLIKASI TRACKING BERBASIS WEBSITE PADA PT ABCDE 2023-07-21T07:59:27+00:00 Akbar Bintang Izzulhaq Ananda Azizul Akbar Rizky Firman Setya Putra Alif Firdiansyah Endra Rahmawati <p>PT. ABCDE is a service company operating in the field of goods delivery and online purchases. Currently, PT. ABCDE aims to improve its services and quality standards in various aspects within the company, including the utilization of information technology. Currently, the existing services do not utilize a tracking application to obtain real-time information about the current location of the goods, causing a lack of transparency and inconsistencies in data across different departments. Additionally, the current process of generating delivery notes is manual, time-consuming, and leads to delays for drivers in delivering goods. Therefore, there is a need for a tracking application that records and displays real-time information about the current location of the goods, inputted by the drivers. Additionally, the application should automate the generation of delivery notes to reduce delays. This system will be designed using the PHP programming language and the Laravel framework, utilizing a MySQL server database that allows access from anywhere and anytime. The benefits obtained from this system include facilitating each department, especially the administrative team and owner, in checking the current location of the goods, and ensuring transparency of data across different departments to avoid any misinformation.</p> 2023-09-05T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 JURNAL ILMIAH INFORMATIKA PEMETAAN PROSES BISNIS AS-IS DALAM MANAJEMEN LAYANAN TOEIC INSTITUSI VOKASI 2023-08-28T02:50:58+00:00 Narti Prihartini <p>The Ministry of Communication and Informatics has established a Business Process Map for Ministry Level on Level zero (0) up to level 3 and this applies to organizations up to the work unit level. The requirement to prepare supporting facilities in English language test services can improve student competences. It become one of the core businesses of UPT Bahasa in Sambas State Polytechnic with some repetitive processes, so that it is necessary to simplify the existing business process maps. Mapping of AS-IS business process is needed to help determine priorities from TOEIC implementation flow. Based on the running system, there are 13 major processes in the implementation of the TOEIC in the institution with duration for approximately 4 weeks. It is ineffective because only one test period can be held at a time. Depend on those conditions, the mapping of business process activities is needed to define AS-IS business process to give brief explanation about the running system and find the right solution to prepare system optimalization to define the TO-BE Business Process. This research is succeed to provide the mapping of AS-IS Business Process of TOEIC Service Management and determine the mapping level from level 0 to level 3.</p> 2023-09-05T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 JURNAL ILMIAH INFORMATIKA PERANCANGAN USER INTERFACE DAN USER EXPERIENCE APLIKASI KEPEGAWAIAN BERBASIS MOBILE PADA J&T EXPRESS DENGAN METODE HUMAN CENTERED DESAIN 2023-07-21T07:58:26+00:00 Puspa Mayangsari Mohammad Badrul <p>Human resources are a valuable asset for every company. Human resources can help create a positive work culture, increase productivity, increase employee satisfaction, and support company growth and innovation. The J&amp;T company is an 8-year-old shipping and logistics service company in Indonesia. Of course, employees have a lot of hope, especially in terms of welfare and transparency in the staffing system. Because this system is not yet computerized, it results in data recording errors, such as typing wrong numbers, ignoring data entry, or changing the position of numbers. Errors like this can cause inaccuracies in recorded data such as attendance, recording of overtime and others which result in recording errors in calculating employee salaries that are not appropriate. Therefore it is necessary to design a user interface and user experience to develop the application. The method used by researchers is the Human Centered Design method, which is an approach in which the system focuses on all forms of activities carried out by users and can identify what the user's needs are. This research is expected to create a solution by developing the needs of system users and creating a more modern and user friendly appearance when used by users.</p> 2023-09-05T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 JURNAL ILMIAH INFORMATIKA PERANCANGAN SISTEM INFORMASI ABSENSI FINGERPRINT BERBASIS WEBSITE PT. MEDIA ANDALAN NUSA (ANDALWORKS) 2023-07-31T02:11:41+00:00 Edo Arribe Muhammad Ryandi <p>An attendance information system is crucial for managing employee presence within a company or organization. This research aims to develop and design a web-based fingerprint attendance system that provides an efficient and accurate solution for recording and monitoring employee attendance. The research methodology involves collecting data through methods such as observation, interviews, and literature review. The system development method employed in this study is the waterfall method. This web-based fingerprint attendance information system allows easy access from various internet-connected devices. Employee attendance data will be automatically recorded and stored in a centralized database. Furthermore, the system includes reporting features that enable managers or administrators to monitor and analyze employee attendance data. In conclusion, this web-based fingerprint attendance system offers an efficient and integrated solution for monitoring employee attendance data in a company or organization. The aim is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of managing employee attendance.</p> 2023-09-05T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 JURNAL ILMIAH INFORMATIKA ANALISIS SENTIMEN PERBANDINGAN LAYANAN JASA PENGIRIMAN KURIR PADA ULASAN PLAY STORE MENGGUNAKAN METODE DECISION TREE DAN RANDOM FOREST 2023-07-31T02:07:59+00:00 Dellavianti Nishfi Ilmiah Huda Cahyo Prianto Rolly Maulana Awangga <p>Courier delivery is a crucial aspect of the e-commerce industry, and customer satisfaction with delivery services can significantly impact a company’s reputation, whether positive or negative. Therefore, sentiment analysis of customer reviews on the Play Store platform can provide valuable insights into the performance and acceptance of various courier delivery services available. This Study aims to conduct sentiment analysis on reviews of courier delivery services using two classification methods: Random Forest and Decision Tree. The first step in this research is data pre-processing, which includes text cleaning, tokenization, and the removal of irrelevant words. Subsequently, relevant features are extracted from the review texts using suitable feature extraction methods. Both Random Forest and Decision Tree methods are implemented to classify reviews from three companies: Pt X, Pt Y, and Pt Z, into two sentiment categories: positive and negative.The performance of both methods is evaluated using standard evaluation metrics. Furthermore, it is expected that this research will provide valuable information to the three e-commerce companies and courier service providers in improving the quality of their services based on customer feedback. Additionally, it can serve as a reference for consumers in choosing a courier delivery company that suits their needs.</p> 2023-09-05T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 JURNAL ILMIAH INFORMATIKA ANALISIS SENTIMEN UNTUK MEMPREDIKSI HASIL CALON PEMILU PRESIDEN MENGGUNAKAN LEXICON BASED DAN RANDOM FOREST 2023-08-02T01:57:35+00:00 Oktaviami Manullang Cahyo Prianto Nisa Hanum Harani <p>The Presidential Election is one of the crucial moments in Indonesian politics. To predict the election results, sentiment analysis methods can be used to evaluate public opinions through social media. One of the popular social media platforms nowadays is Twitter. As the Republic of Indonesia's Presidential Election approaches, there is an increasing number of tweets discussing the event. This situation creates a favorable opportunity to conduct sentiment analysis on the election campaign topic. There are various opinions from Twitter users with positive, neutral, and negative sentiments. The collected tweet data undergoes preprocessing, involving two main processes: cleaning and stemming. Therefore, sentiment analysis is necessary to understand the public's tendencies towards the election. The objective of this research is to obtain sentiment analysis of the text documents to determine positive or negative sentiments. Two methods, namely Random Forest and Lexion Based, are used to predict the presidential candidates' sentiments. Random Forest is employed to analyze sentiments in text data collected from various sources, including social media, news websites, and online forums. This method involves an ensemble of decision trees working collectively to classify sentiments as positive, negative, or neutral towards the Presidential Election candidates. On the other hand, Lexion Based is used to associate words in the text with specific sentiments.</p> 2023-09-05T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 JURNAL ILMIAH INFORMATIKA ANALISA DAN PERANCANGAN START-UP PEMESANAN JASA DESAIN GRAFIS BERBASIS APLIKASI MOBILE 2023-08-08T03:34:30+00:00 Aditya RIo Setiawan Septiawan Dwianto Adhitya Dhani Pradana Sukmawati Anggraeni Putri <p>Graphic design is a visual form that uses images to convey information or messages as quickly as possible. There are still many people who find it difficult to find design services that fit their needs and budget. Some problems found in finding suitable design services include difficulty finding affordable services, lack of adequate quality of service, and lack of transparency in the booking process. The application "Mykreasi" for the creation of Android-based design services is present as a solution to meet the needs of Indonesian society in the search for quality and affordable design services. The development tool used by the author, namely Flutter as a programming language and Google Firebase as its database. The method used in website design and development is a waterfall method that is part of one of the SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) methods that has several stages ranging from analysis, design, coding, testing, and support. The result of the application design is implementation directly to customers through the Google Play Store. Application design is expected to be a solution to meet the needs of the community in finding quality and affordable design service</p> 2023-09-05T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 JURNAL ILMIAH INFORMATIKA PENGEMBANGAN REST API SISTEM UIIADMISI DENGAN MENGGUNAKAN PENDEKATAN DOMAIN DRIVEN DESIGN 2023-08-08T03:35:57+00:00 Muhammad Fachri Ramadhan Zainudin Zukhri <p>Student admission program is an event carried out by a higher education institution to accept new students every new academic year. UIIAdmisi system is a web-based admission information system that is used to digitize the implementation of the student admissions program at the Islamic University of Indonesia. This system has been used by the organizers of the Indonesian Islamic University student admissions program from 2016. During its use period, new developers experienced difficulties in developing the back-end side of the UIIAdmisi system because the code in the system was difficult to understand. One of the reasons why the UIIAdmission system is difficult for new developers to understand is because UIIAdmisi solves complex business processes, but the system is built on a monolithic architecture which makes it the code to be bloated. For this reason, the UIIAdmisi system architecture migration process was carried out from monolithic to microservices by separating the existing components of the system into small independent components. These small components will communicate via the HTTP protocol with the implementation of the REST interface. The system will also be designed using the Domain Driven Design approach to make it easier for new developers to understand.</p> 2023-09-05T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 JURNAL ILMIAH INFORMATIKA PERANCANGAN SISTEM INFORMASI COMPANY PROFILE DAN PEMESANAN LAYANAN JASA BERBASIS WEB PT GEOTERRA 2023-08-11T08:40:33+00:00 Muhammad Zidane Damara Edo Arribe <p>The company profile information system is a method used by companies to introduce themselves to the general public and convey information about the type of business they are engaged in. This Website is very beneficial for PT.Geoterra and its clients, as clients do not need to visit the company to order their services. The system can minimize costs for clients, leading to the development of an easily accessible information system that provides Details regarding the corporation and what it provides.. positive impact on company is that it gains a broader reach since the system can be accessed by clients through computers and mobile devices. The company profile information system is designed using the Waterfall method, with data collected through literature studies, interviews, and observations. The result is an efficient and effective system that provides comprehensive and engaging information to users and potential clients.</p> 2023-09-05T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 JURNAL ILMIAH INFORMATIKA IMPLEMENTASI DESAIN JARINGAN HOTSPOT BERBASIS MIKROTIK DENGAN METODE NDLC (NETWORK DEVELOPMENT LIFE CYCLE) PADA PT KIRANA PERMATA 2023-08-18T08:32:01+00:00 Tamsir Ariyadi Timur Dali Purwanto Muhamad Malik Fajar <p>In this technological development the need for the internet is no longer a foreign thing for the community. With the internet that can connect to each other between one network to a number of networks in the world. Internet use cannot be separated from the existence of the internet service provider itself. To be able to connect to the internet network, a Hotspot facility is needed as a connectivity connecting access to the internet network. The purpose of this study is to design a Hotspot network to increase the efficiency of using computer networks at PT Kirana Permata. In designing this network design using the NDLC method which can be used as a development of network infrastructure to be more optimal. So that the system can run optimally, settings are made on the routerboard which is used as an internet connection from the ISP to the internet user network. For this reason, a network topology that has been designed to be implemented on PT Kirana Permata's computer network is used. So it is hoped that the network topology design can make computer networks more structured. Even so, monitoring still needs to be done to observe data traffic as a network monitor so that it can run as smoothly as expected. This network design plan produces a new network topology that is more efficient and flexible. With the Hotspot network at PT Kirana Permata, the use of the internet network is more accessible for guests and employes.</p> 2023-09-05T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 JURNAL ILMIAH INFORMATIKA PENGEMBANGAN APLIKASI PENJADWALAN KONTEN INSTAGRAM OTOMATIS BAGI PELAKU UMKM DENGAN FLUTTER FRAMEWORK 2023-08-28T02:10:38+00:00 Chrystian Dwi Putra Yunus Muhamad Bahrul Ulum <p><em>The actors Micro, Small, and Medium Business (MSMEs) which are dominated by the elderly, still rely on conventional marketing (mouth to mouth), resulting in a small market. In this condition, digital marketing is here to be a solution, where MSMEs have great potential to develop their market without any geographical restrictions. However, most of these MSMEs are not young anymore, making it difficult for them to adapt to digital technology. One of them is Instagram (social media) which has great potential in digital marketing. Therefore, in this study, an application will be developed using Flutter Framework that can help MSME actors to be able to automatically generate an Instagram content schedule according to the intensity level of Instagram promotions and features they want to use. So that it can help them in optimizing digital marketing without the need to adapt to social media that tends to make it difficult for them.</em></p> 2023-09-05T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 JURNAL ILMIAH INFORMATIKA RANCANG BANGUN APLIKASI SISTEM PERPAJAKAN DESA KARANG BINDU BERBASIS WEB 2023-08-28T02:07:45+00:00 Rana Naftaly Muchlis Muchlis Sebri Hesinto <p>Karang Bindu Village is located in Rambang Kapak Tengah Prabumulih sub-district, South Sumatra. Led by the village head Mr. Iin Saputra. The administrator of Karang Bindu village has difficulties in collecting tax data, such as recording taxpayer data and proof of tax payments which are still being made manually. Therefore, it is hoped that there will be an application that can help admins in the tax data collection process. To obtain clearer information the author conducted research using qualitative descriptive methods. Where in this research the author used two data sources, namely, primary data and secondary data. In addition, data collection techniques were obtained from interview scripts and direct observation of the object of research and by looking for references through books or journals. After conducting this research, the authors collected the data obtained and then the authors resolved the existing problems by producing a "Web-Based Tax System Application in Karang Bindu Village". This application is made using the php web programming language, the database used by Mysql and the final report using a printable pdf, and using Vscode to edit the programming language.</p> 2023-09-05T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 JURNAL ILMIAH INFORMATIKA