Pengaruh Kepuasan Kerja, Disiplin dan Motivasi Terhadap Kinerja Karyawan Pada PT Airtech Globalindo


  • Ulva Marsiti education
  • Dr. Wasiman, S.E., M.M.



The purpose of this research is to explore the effect of motivation, work discipline, and job satisfaction on employee performance at PT Airtech Globalindo. This research was conducted by applying quantitative techniques. The research sample used 115 respondents, namely employees of PT Airtech Globalindo in 2022 by applying the saturated sample technique. By using data analysis techniques which include testing descriptive statistics, data quality, classical assumptions, influences, and hypotheses. The results obtained from a research on the findings prove that job satisfaction, discipline and motivation can have a significant effect on the performance of employees of PT Airtech Globalindo