Marketing Communication Strategies of Teringbay Nongsa Golf Course in Boosting Post-Covid 19 Visits


  • Ranisha Dwinata - Universitas putera batam
  • Sholihul Abidin



Tourism, Golf, Marketing communication strategies,Integrated marketing communication


Tourism is undeniably one of the major contributors to a country's economy, making its development crucial.
Among the tourism sectors that significantly contribute to national revenue is the sport of golf. Therefore, this
research aims to investigate the marketing communication strategies of Golf Course Teringbay Nongsa in
enhancing post-COVID19 visits and aiding the national economy. The study utilizes informant interviews to
examine the various forms of implementing marketing communication strategies at Golf Course Teringbay
Nongsa, employing the Integrated Marketing Communication theory as the conceptual framework. The
findings provide valuable insights into the effectiveness of the applied strategies in attracting visitors amidst
the challenges posed by the pandemic and their potential impact on the economic growth of the nation