Sholihul Abidin

  • Jurnal COMMED


The news which is presented variedly is a construction of a social reality. The society then interprets the
news in society’ s point of view freely. Political cartoon in a column ‘ oom pasikom’ of daily news ‘ Kompas’
brings out the idea to give a simultaneous interpretation to the conflict of Demokrat party. Known from the
Charles Sanders Peirce’ s semiotic theory and Lewis A Coser’ s conflict theory that happened to Demokrat
party is an internal conflict. The Conflict was started from the uncovering of corruption which involved Anas
Urbaningrum as one of the high-powered person in this party. He was suspected the case of corruption of
Hambalang Sport Center project by KPK. Then Anas Urbaningrum was stood down from his function by
Demokrat party on behalf of SBY. The culminating point of internal conflict is when Anas Urbaningrum and
his endorsement fought back SBY. Visualized in caricature in column ‘oom pasikom’, published in March
2nd, 2013, he revealed his anger by threatening to open up on a charge of his case. He threatened to divulge
the bill out of Century Bank case which was under the KPK investigation. Based on the Lewis A Coser’ s
opinion, the conflict between Anas Urbaningrum and SBY in Demokrat party was as a big bang from an
internal conflict because in term of intimate relationship in Demokrat party was possible to their whole
personality be seen.

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