Peer Review Process

  1. Every script that enters COMMAND is anonymously reviewed by bestari / reviewers partners appointed by the Chief Editor in accordance with their expertise.
  2. Each entry will be screened by a journal editor to ensure that the journal (1). Not yet published in any journals, (2). Free similarity using turnitin, (2). Use a reference manager like mendeley / zotero, (3). Using a library of 10 research journals or 80% of the bibliography used.
  3. Every script that passes the screening will be forwarded to reviewers / partners who are carried out by double blind review.
  4. Manuscripts that go to the bestari reviewer / partner will be checked in the title, abstract, introduction, methodology, results and discussion, concluding and bibliography section to ensure that the contents are consistent with the rules of scientific articles.
  5. Reviewers / bestari partner’s judge based on authenticity, novelty, accuracy of the method, valid data used, analysis of relevant discussions and references, contribution of knowledge, systematic, language, accuracy of writing.
  6. The decision of the COMMED reviewer / bestari partner can be in the form of: (a). Can be published immediately, (b). Can be published with minor revision, (c). Can be published with major revisions, (d). Needs to be revised and re-evaluated by reviewers, (e). Cannot be published due to the above reason.
  7. Articles cannot be published / rejected with several considerations such as:

    1. It has been published in other scientific journals.
    2. The article indicated turnitin similarity above 20%.
    3. The article is not in accordance with the scope and does not comply with the standards / guidelines for scientific writing COMMED.
    4. The author does not make revisions in accordance with the directions / recommendations of reviewers / bestari partners.
    5. The author does not send back the paper that must be revised in the period specified by the COMMED editor team.