About Comasie

Journal Comasie is a journal that combines 3 science namely informatics engineering, information systems and industrial engineering. The theme and scope can be seen in the scope section. This journal was created as a means of publicizing the results of research conducted by lecturers and students. This journal is published 3 times a year or every 4 months in a year. The main purpose of this journal is to facilitate students who want to publish their scientific work so that it will increase the profusion of knowledge. We on behalf of all the managers express gratitude for all efforts and support in the publication of this journal and our great hope that this journal can be a reference for the community in improving technology and to advance Indonesia (Amrizal, Andi, Welly, Rashid)

 Contact Address : Letjen R Soeprapto, Batam, Riau Archipelago

Important Date

For Each Volume, Number 1, (Every April)

Full Paper Submission Deadline                                                      :  20 January 

Full Paper Reviewer and Notification for Revision Deadline      :  31 January

Full Paper Acceptance Notification                                                 :  10 February


For Each Volume, Number 2, (Every August)

Full Paper Submission Deadline                                                      :  20 July

Full Paper Reviewer and Notification for Revision Deadline      :  31 July

Full Paper Acceptance Notification                                                 :  10 August


For Each Volume, Number 3, (Every December)

Full Paper Submission Deadline                                                      :  20 November

Full Paper Reviewer and Notification for Revision Deadline      :  31 November

Full Paper Acceptance Notification                                                 :  10 December