Peer Review Process

Every submission submitted will be subjected to a selection process with the following criteria:

  • Every submission submitted will be checked for authenticity or originality of its contribution to the field in accordance with the scope, grammar, and format of the Journal writing as well as the reliability of theoretical methodologies and concepts in accordance with the topic and analysis.
  • The editor will check the suitability of the scope and originality of the contribution and any manuscript that is not in accordance with the scope will be informed of the publication's rejection to the author via email.
  • Contributing originality is also done through checking similarity (similarity check) using Turnitin and a maximum of 35% similarity is allowed to be processed to the review stage and informed of rejection of publishing to the author via email and OJS author.
  • The next step will be checking by the section editor, if there is a mismatch and inconsistency of the format with the current Comasie journal, then a rejection of the publication will be made and informed of the rejection of the publication to the author via email.
  • Checking the reliability of the methodology and theoretical concepts that fit the topic and analysis will be conducted by reviewers who have been appointed by the editor
  • The principle of selecting reviewers for each manuscript is that the track record of the reviewer at least has been a writer in an accredited and / or international scientific journal with topics relevant to the topic of the manuscript.
  • The review process uses a blind review method that involves a minimum of reviewers who have been determined by the editor, if there are conflicting decisions between reviewers, then an additional reviewer will be allocated to provide an assessment.
  • Each review process will be carried out by the reviewer within a maximum of 5 (five) weeks since the willingness of the appointed reviewer.